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    October 23, 2023

    An Architect's Guide to Corrosion Protection: Why You Should Specify ZRC on Your Projects


    An Architect's Guide to Corrosion Protection: Why You Should Specify ZRC on Your Projects

    A corrosion preventive compound, like an anti-rust paint, plays a crucial role in architectural projects for safeguarding metal structures of all kinds against the detrimental effects of corrosion. This special type of paint forms a protective barrier over metal surfaces, sacrificing itself rather than letting the metal surface deteriorate over time. 

    By preventing corrosion, this specialized paint extends the lifespan of metal structures, reduces long-term maintenance costs, and helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of bridges, gates, broadcast transmission towers, and more. This is particularly vital in environments prone to high humidity, like the coastal areas in Florida, Texas, or southern California. 

    Not just any corrosion protection will do. Rather than leave your spec sheets generic, call out ZRC by name!

    Understanding the Significance of Corrosion Protection

    When it comes to metal exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and other natural elements, it's not a question of if it rusts, but when. Anti-corrosion paint, also known as cold galvanizing compound, is a specialized type of coating designed to protect metal surfaces, particularly where two pieces of metal are welded together, from the detrimental effects of corrosion. Its primary function is to create a durable barrier that inhibits the contact between the metal and corrosive agents present in the environment. 

    The key is the inclusion of zinc. Zinc, being less noble than steel, forms hydroxycarbonate salt when it corrodes that bond with the existing zinc in the film coating while upholding galvanic protection. This creates an advanced, self-healing film that ensures the metal surface beneath the coating stays protected. You can learn more about how it works here on our website.

    The long-term benefits of using a high-quality cold galvanizing compound on welded pieces of metal are numerous, from the fact that your company will have less risk of a catastrophic collapse to the simple fact that you’ll save money on repairs and replacement. 

    The Distinct Advantages of ZRC Anti-Corrosion Paint

    We know you want your project moving forward quickly. As tempting as it may be, beginning or continuing your project without everything you need for both short- and long-term success isn't a good idea. As the architect, you should be asking yourself not only how to get this structure built, but also how to ensure it will remain strong both tomorrow and in five years. The answer is to use ZRC on your metal structure, especially where two pieces of metal are welded together.

    ZRC Worldwide has been recognized as the world leader in zinc coating technology for over 70 years. Simply put, our team pioneers quality solutions that last. ZRC’s products are equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing, manufactured with the highest purity ASTM D520 Type III zinc dust, and meet VOC standards in all fifty states. As well, our products passed a grueling ten-year subtropical exposure test and always exceed ASTM A780 standards for hot-dip galvanic repair. With our cold galvanizing compound, there is no need to dissemble a metal structure in order to ensure it won’t rust or corrode. The ease of application and performance in the most intense environments cannot be beat.

    Quality never comes into question when you use ZRC products. We are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories, a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise, as being equivalent to hot dipped galvanization. We’re the only zinc-rich coating that has third party verification for this! You’re never risking a less-than-perfect product when you specify ZRC by name.  

    Specify ZRC by Name

    It's not enough to simply put "cold galvanizing compound"  or “corrosion preventive compound” in your spec sheet. When you are spelling out the details of your project, you want to be as clear and specific as possible. You can and should mention ZRC by name.

    The last thing you want is to hear complaints from project managers and construction crews. If you're worried about listing a product you don't know much about, we want to ease these fears right away. You can always feel good about recommending our product. We stand behind it, and you should too, because our product is superior to any competition. In fact, we have a 10-year outdoor test and numerous lab studies to prove our superior performance.

    Our product does what we say it will, plain and simple. This is why we're chosen by name for projects on a regular basis, even being chosen to fix the complicated infrastructure issues being seen in our nation's bridges. People who are in the know call out ZRC by name!

    Environmental Considerations When Specifying a Corrosion Preventive Compound

    It’s worth noting that this type of protection is more important in some areas of the country than others. ZRC cold galvanizing compound is proven to be effective long-term protection for steel exposed to the outdoor elements, even in the most harsh environments.

    Metal made to be outdoors, from an iron bridge to a steel broadcast tower, faces prolonged exposure to rain. Over time, the corrosive effects accumulate. This constant assault from above gradually weakens the metal. Eventually, maintenance crews will notice surface pitting, etching, cracks, and fissures. Beyond just an unsightly appearance, this corrosion compromises its structural integrity.

    It isn't just rain. Ice, snow, wind, humidity, and even extreme heat will all wreak havoc on your future structure as well. Don’t worry; ZRC is made to stand up to all of this! 

    Trying to skimp and save by ignoring your metal asset’s needed maintenance leads to paying more in the long run. The only way to truly save time, money, and stress is to do the job correctly, before it actually must be done. The cost of a ZRC cold galvanizing compound is minuscule compared to major repairs and replacing the metal altogether.

    Cost Considerations in the Long-Term  

    ZRC has withstood the test of time with demonstrated success on many thousands of projects around the world over the past 70 years.

    In The Total Cost of Corrosion: Comparing Using ZRC vs. Replacing the Metal Structure, you’ll see actual facts and figures that back up how expensive it is to let your metal assets rust away and how affordable it is to use a corrosion preventive compound instead. Download your free copy right away to learn more. 

    Download our guide to take a deep look at the true cost of corrosion.