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    January 4, 2023

    Preventing Rust Damage: The Importance of Zinc Coating for Metal Protection

    When dealing with galvanized steel that is constantly exposed to the elements such as the sun, wind, rain, and other natural forces, it's not a matter of if rust will occur, but rather when it will. That's why it's crucial to take a proactive approach in preventing rust damage, rather than waiting for it to happen and dealing with the consequences. Rust not only damages the metal, but it also takes a toll on your budget.

    Harness the Power of Zinc to Combat Rust

    When metals, especially steel, aren’t treated properly, they rust. You can protect your metal surfaces, and your project's budget, by using a cold galvanizing compound. This product can be applied to fabricated metal on-site, with appropriate surface preparation, like a paint.

    The key is the inclusion of zinc. Zinc-rich compounds can be applied like a paint to steel, either via spray or by brush.

    Zinc, being less noble than steel, forms hydroxycarbonate salt when it corrodes that bonds with the existing zinc in the film coating while upholding galvanic protection. This creates an advanced, self-healing film that ensures the metal surface beneath the coating stays protected.

    How Does Rust Affect Your Budget?

    It's easy to think of rust as tomorrow's problems, and you have many to deal with today instead. You want your project moving forward quickly; we know this. As tempting as it may be, beginning or continuing your project without everything you need for both short- and long-term success isn't the correct way to manage it. As project manager, you should be asking yourself not only how to get this structure built but also how to ensure it's of high-quality both tomorrow and in five years. If you can't say for sure it will be, you're risking running into major budget issues later on.

    You see, as you build a structure from galvanized metal, you are making adjustments to the components of the project as you build. As you cut, weld, and bolt sections of metal within your structure, you'll need to ensure the cross-sections are galvanically protected from potential corrosion. If surface coatings get scratched during the construction process, and they will, a cold galvanizing compound quickly and effectively restores corrosion protection to the exposed metal.

    Once corroded beyond repair, steel can be extremely difficult to replace. In your line of work, time is money- and a difficult repair project is a costly one. Rather than face this monumental and expensive task, you want to protect it from rusting in the first place.

    Zinc applied as a protective top-coat is a lot easier and more financially beneficial to replace than the metal beneath it. A zinc-rich compound has a significantly longer lifespan than that of unprotected, oxidized metal.

    You will eventually need to repair or replace the zinc-rich compound protecting your metal surface. While the zinc corrodes, the surface it's protecting does not! The self-healing film provides full protection, buying you time before maintenance or repairs are required.

    Imagine needing to handle repairs in 20 years instead of 10. This kind of cost-saving project management is possible! Not just any zinc product will do this for you, though. You need certified protection. You need the industry-leading products made by ZRC!

    Prevent Rust Damage with ZRC Worldwide's Zinc Coating

    ZRC Worldwide has been recognized as the world leader in zinc coating technology for over 70 years, because our team pioneers quality solutions that last. We have the products you're looking for in order to say goodbye to rust, and wasteful spending.

    As the original creators of cold galvanizing corrosion protection technology that results in superior zinc coatings, we’ve been the global industry-leader for seven decades. This is something no one else can say. You can trust earmarking a portion of your budget to our rust prevention products, because our cold galvanizing compound adheres to the top industry standards. The benefits to your project management cannot be overstated. You won't be wasting money any longer; you'll be saving it!

    If you have any question regarding our products, do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Our team will ensure you get the right product and the correct application method for your needs. Once you select a product, we'll ship within 24 hours!

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