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    ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair

    Designed specifically for field and shop repair of hot-dip galvanization, ZRC Galvilite® exceeds galvanizing repair specifications like ASTM Des. A 780, SSPC-Paint 20, and DOD-P-21035A.

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    At-A-Glance: ZRC Galvilite Galvanizing Repair

    ZRC Galvilite Galvanizing Repair is a high-quality cold galvanizing compound based on a trade secret organic binder which affffords true galvanic anti-corrosion protection to metals. Galvilite® is designed specifically for field and shop repair of hot-dip galvanizing. It is manufactured with the highest purity ASTM D520 Type III zinc dust. It meets VOC standards in all 50 states, exceeds galvanizing repair specifications, and has multiple application formats.

    Recommended Uses
    The dried film of Gavilite is 95% metallic zinc. Because of the uniqueness of the formulation, Gavilite is the only coating of its type to be recognized under the Component Program of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. Galvilite is widely used without topcoat in place of hot-dip galvanizing. It’s specially formulated for:
    Hot-Dip Galvanizing Repair & Regalvanizing It’s a flexible option for repair of worn hot-dip galvanized materials.
    Weldments Repair Our original compound can be used to repair weldments.
    Long-Term Protection It’s proven to be effective long-term protection for: structural steel, water and waste facilities, power plants, transmission towers and antennae, steel decking and bridges, and numerous OEM uses.
    Inorganic Zinc Coatings Repair ZRC is also effective for inorganic zinc coatings repair.
    Galvalume® and Zinc Metallizing Galvilite can be used for Galvalume® and zinc metalizing projects.

    Flexible Application Formats

    Unlike hot-dip galvanizing, Galvilite is portable, flexible protection that can be applied in a variety of formats. It’s meant to be applied to properly prepared carbon steel, cast iron, hot-dip galvanized, and aluminum surfaces.

    Specifications: ZRC Galvilite Galvanizing Repair

    Here are our product details:

    SSPC Paint Specification 20 – Zinc-Rich Coating: Type II – Organic; Level 1 – equal to or greater than 95% zinc dust by weight present in the dried film

    Zinc Dust Content
    Zinc Dust Content - ASTM D 520 Type III Zinc Dust - .002% maximum lead by weight

    Weight and VOC Notes
    Weight per gallon – not less than 24 lbs. VOC Content — ASTM D 3960, 385 g/l (3.3 lbs per gallon) maximum

    Color and Gloss
    Color and Gloss – Silver with gloss matching appearance of new hot- dip galvanizing


    Manufacturers: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide galvanizing compound by one of the following: 

    1. Galvilite Galvanizing Repair Compound, ZRC Worldwide 

    (, (800 831-3275 )) 

    1. No known equal. 

    Follow manufacturer’s application instructions.

    Manufacturer to provide Certificate of Conformance to above criteria

    Part Numbers

    20010 - Galvilite 12oz Aerosol

    20011 - Galvilite Half Pint

    20012 - Galvilite Quart

    20013 - Galvilite Gallon

    20014 - Galvilite 3.5 gal Pail

    Quotes from Our Customers

    It’s no secret we’re the industry-leading solution that lasts. Here’s what our
    customers have to say.

    Because of my experience in the field with this product, I always recommend ZRC in corrosive applications. I've used ZRC to regalvanize radar towers and catwalk gratings for the Navy at the base in Winter Harbor, Maine. I also used it on metal roofs and on salt water cookers at a canning company. In all cases, it has provided five years or more of rust-free protection.

    Roy Love | President, Loves Painting

    DAI needed a coating that was equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing since many major components are too big to fit in the galvanizing tanks," "ZRC provides the equivalent corrosion protection of ASTM A 123 galvanizing and is applied directly over sandblasted A 36 steel prior to top coating with chlorinated rubber or epoxy.

    Sandy Boog-Scott | Director of Materials, DAI

    Of all the painting systems I have used to protect ironwork in the past ten years, ZRC top coated with epoxy works the best — even in highly corrosive, humid environments.

    Doug McLean | President, McLean's Blacksmithing, Inc., Galveston TX

    Go With The Experts

    Imitation is flattering, but the proof is in the paint. ZRC Worldwide created zinc coating technology to combat corrosion and has been a worldwide leader in the space for 70 years.

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