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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fundamental Understanding of ZRC

    What is ZRC?
    ZRC is the brand of the highest quality zinc rich coatings on the market containing 95% "ultra-pure" zinc dust by weight in the dried film. They bond to clean iron, steel or aluminum to provide maximum protection against rust and rust creepage through "galvanic action". The ZRC product lines consists of ZRC®, GALVILITE®, ZRC®221 and ZERO VOC ZRC. ZRC Worldwide has been registered to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 Series Standards for Quality.

    How does ZRC work?
    "Ultra pure" Zinc dust is integrated with our trade secret organic binder. This binder allows the zinc particles to remain in contact with each other so that the ZRC is anodic to the base metal, thereby imparting true galvanic action.

    What is the difference between ZRC and GALVILITE?
    There is no difference in credentials and performance, only in color. Our original ZRC is a medium gray, flat finish; GALVILITE's color is brighter, to more closely match that of galvanized metal.

    Is ZRC a paint?
    No. Although ZRC is commonly applied like a paint (brush, roller, aerosol, compressor type or airless sprayer) it is unlike any type of paint because it provides galvanic action and will not allow any rust creepage. Please refer to our "Guide to spray application of ZRC" if you plan to spray ZRC. Paint (any sort of paint) gives only skin-type protection. If this skin is broken, it not only rusts at the break but also allows rust to creep under the film.

    Can ZRC be top-coated?
    Yes. Although ZRC does not require any top-coat for the purpose of corrosion protection, several determining factors may deem it advisable. Specifically these factors include environmental service conditions (salt water, acidic (ph<6.5), alkalinity (ph>10.5) chemical fume, etc.) the availability of future ongoing maintenance, and aesthetics. For further information, please refer to our Guide to Topcoating.

    How long has ZRC been around?
    ZRC has been recognized as the world's leader in corrosion protection for over 50 years.

    ZRC Properties and Functionality

    What are the major uses for ZRC's zinc rich coatings?

    ZRC is widely used to prevent rust and rust creepage in place of hot-dip galvanizing, as well as the following major uses:

    • High-performance base coat for a variety of topcoats
    • Repair of damaged hot-dip galvanizing, Galvalume®, and zinc metalizing
    • Regalvanizing worn hot-dip galvanizing, Galvalume®, and zinc metalizing
    • Repair of weldments on galvanized material
    • Repair of damaged inorganic zinc coatings.

    What if ZRC is scratched?
    If ZRC is scratched to the bare metal, the zinc will form a hard, impervious, insoluble salt barrier on the exposed area, continuing to protect against corrosion. Essentially, ZRC is a self-healing film.

    How can the film "heal" itself?
    Initially, the protection provided by ZRC is wholly that of anodic action. As the zinc is sacrificed, zinc hydroxy carbonates and other zinc salts form in the film, making the coating denser and reducing its conductivity. Thus, the anodic action continues until the film is converted into a dense, impervious, cementious coating. The coating will now function as an impermeable barrier resistant to weather, water and fume attack.

    Why won't ZRC allow rust creepage?
    ZRC's unique binder allows our ultra-pure zinc-dust particles to contact the metal surface it is to protect. Therefore, galvanic action takes place. Tests indicate that other brands of cold galvanizing compound have their zinc particles encapsulated, preventing galvanic action and allowing rust to creep under the paint film. Therefore, as with other types of paint, these zinc coatings will only give "skin" protection.

    Title Inside of AccoCan Current Flow in ZRC?
    Yes. To function anodically, the zinc particles must be in intimate contact with one another so that the film itself is conductive. This is achieved in ZRC by the high zinc loading (95% wt.) in a special binder that does not insulate the zinc from the base substrate.

    Application and Usage of ZRC

    Where is ZRC actually used?
    ZRC is excellent for long-term protection of structural steel, waste & water facilities, power plants, transmission towers and antennae, steel decking, facility maintenance and bridges. It is commonly used by original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) as in in-plant substitute for hot-dip galvanizing.

    Exactly what is galvanic action?
    In the presence of moisture, the zinc dust becomes an anode (+) and the underlying substrate a cathode (-). Corrosion attacks the zinc, leaving the base metal untouched. Zinc, being higher in the electro-motive series than iron or steel, is more susceptible to corrosive attack. Thus, in the presence of an electrolyte (moisture), zinc will preferentially sacrifice itself to protect the steel. Zinc ions go into solution, liberating electrons which cause a current flow into the steel, thereby preventing ferrous ions from going into solution and beginning the electrochemical corrosion cycle. ZRC's high zinc loading (95% in the dry film) and unique binder intensify this galvanic action in comparison to other brands. As a consequence ZRC-coated jobs last longer saving costly labor costs associated with recoating.

    Is ZRC equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing?
    Yes. Based upon the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. original (Dated 9/3/58) and continuing yearly re-examination Component Testing Program (#58c2975), ZRC is recognized as an equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing. To our knowledge, ZRC is the only cold galvanizing compound to be considered a recognized component under the Component Program of U.L., Inc.

    What kind of surface preparation is required?
    ZRC compound should be applied only to clean, dry metal. Because it is organic based minimal surface preparation is required. Please refer to our "Guide to surface preparation with ZRC".

    A coat of ZRC averages 1.5 - 2.0 mils in thickness. Therefore, two coats will provide at least 3 mils. Underwriter's Laboratories decrees that a 3 mil thickness is the equivalent of hot-dip galvanizing.

    Where can I buy ZRC products?
    ZRC products are non hazardous for ground transportation, so they can be shipped by UPS as well as common carrier, factory direct or through our worldwide network of authorized distributors. No minimum order requirements for factory direct shipments paid by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, COD or Prepaid orders and strive to ship within 48 hours of receipt of order. Call our Customer Service Department 1-800-831-3275 or send an Email request for your nearest ZRC distributor.

    Importance and Standards of ZRC

    Why is ISO 9001 Registration important?
    The fact that ZRC is registered to ISO 9001 assures our customer that the zinc rich coating manufactured in our facility are consistently designed and manufactured to our stringent quality controls standards. This assures you of a product you can count on consistently.

    Why buy ZRC?
    Because it works! It is the only cold galvanizing compound on the market that is ISO 9001 registered, U.L. approved and recognized as an equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing. Its low VOC levels are accepted in all 50 states and it is non-hazardous for ground transportation. If you are considering a different brand, check the technical data, specifically the salt-fog corrosion tests, to determine how it compares to ZRC. We think that when it comes to protecting your metals, it makes sense to use the very best.

    In most coating jobs, labor is the most expensive element. So, use your labor wisely by applying the maximum protection possible - ZRC and GALVILITE cold galvanizing compound.

    What specifications does ZRC meet?
    • ZRC meets and exceeds Fed. Spec. DOD-P-21035a, The Department of Defense galvanizing repair spec.
    • ZRC meets and exceeds military specification Mil-P-26915a, the USAF zinc-dust spec.
    • ZRC may be used under military specification Mil-P-26433 for tower protection - temperate & arctic.
    • ZRC passed the Preece Test ASTM Des. A239 for hot-dip galvanizing.
    • ZRC passes 3,000 hours of salt spray testing without failure (ASTM-B117-73).
    • ZRC resists intermittent dry-heat temperatures up to 750 ° F.
    • ZRC meets and exceeds Canadian Government Spec. 1-GP-181a for hot-dip repair.
    • ZRC meets and exceeds ASTM Des. A-780 (standard practice for repair of damaged hot-dip galvanized coatings).
    • ZRC compound is authorized for food contact under Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.390 for use as a coating on bulk re-usable containers intended for storing, handling and transporting food.
    • ZRC compound is recognized under the component program of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. MH7035, and is retested by U.L. every year.
    • ZRC compound is chemically accepted by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. It may be used in processing or storage areas for meat or poultry food products prepared under federal inspection.
    • ZRC meets and exceeds SSPC-Paint 20 ( Specification for zinc-rich primers)
    • ZRC meets and exceeds SSPC-Paint 29 ( Specification for zinc dust sacrificial primer, performance-based.)
    • ZRC meets and exceeds the requirements of Specification ISO 8179-2, Zinc-Rich Paints

    Go With the Experts

    Imitation is flattering, but the proof is in the paint. ZRC Worldwide created zinc coating technology to combat corrosion and has been a world leader in the space for 70 years.

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