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    May 3, 2022

    Why You Should Specify ZRC By Name

    ZRC is known across the globe for our cold galvanizing compound. It's a product we're truly proud of. We aren't here only to sell you things, though. We make an effort to educate the industry on the benefits of our products, because we know what a difference it can make to the structural well-being of bridges, towers, train tracks, and other metal structures.

    A few key characteristics you'll want to know about ZRC's cold galvanizing compound are:

    • It is manufactured with the highest-purity ASTM D520 Type III zinc dust.
    • It is offered in our "Battleship Grey" color.
    • Our ingredients are 100 % American-made.
    • Our product adhere to ISO 9001 quality system standards.
    • It meets VOC standards in all 50 states.
    • It passes 10-year subtropical exposure testing.
    • It exceeds ASTM A780 standards for hot-dip galvanic repair.

    With flexible application formats, brush, roller, aerosol, and spray gun, our product is the industry standard in combating corrosion for true galvanic protection.

    Because we make sharing this information such an important part of our organizational mission, many architects and structural engineers build their project specs around ZRC cold galvanizing compounds. If you haven't yet considered doing so, make today the day that you do.

    Why You Should Specify ZRC By Name

    A cold galvanizing compound is a product that offers the equivalent of hot-dip galvanizing. It's not enough to simply put "cold galvanizing compound" in your spec sheet, though. When you are spelling out the details of your project, you want to be as clear and specific as possible. You can and should mention ZRC by name! Are you ready to learn why?

    There are several reasons why this is what's best for the future of your project, including:

    You Will Be Associated With Our Stellar Reputation

    As the creators of cold galvanizing corrosion protection technology, we have maintained our position as a worldwide industry leader for 70 years. We’re passionate about providing you with the best cold galvanizing compound for your project, and this is something that has earned us a reputation for excellence.

    ZRC Worldwide created zinc coating technology to combat corrosion and has been a worldwide leader in the space for generations. Why go with anyone else when you can specify the experts by name?

    While we'd love to take as much credit for our stellar reputation as possible, the true acclaim goes to the star of the show: ZRC cold galvanizing compound. Our products are a self-healing zinc film solution that is impossible for other paints to match. ZRC cold galvanizing compound is proven to be effective long-term protection for steel exposed to the outdoor elements, even in the most demanding of environments.

    Your Team Can Go Straight to a ZRC Dealer

    Time is money, so saving time is saving money. When you specify ZRC cold galvanizing compounds on your spec sheet, the project manager knows exactly where to go. We have ZRC dealers across the globe who all carry the products your team needs to complete the project. Not only do we have dealers here in North America, we also have them in places as far away as Japan, China, Sri Lanka, UAE, and India.

    This is an incredibly convenient time saver. While projects in the past used to require shopping far and wide for the products needed, they're now a simple phone call or online order away. After all, the rust isn't going to wait as your team tries to locate the paint you're looking for. It's just one more way we've made the entire process easier for you!

    You'll Never Have to Worry About a Sub-Par Product

    The last thing you want is to hear complaints from project managers and construction crews. If you're worried about listing a product you don't know much about or you didn't actually create, we want to ease these fears right away. You can always feel good about recommending our product. We stand behind it, and you should too, because our product is superior to any competition.

    Specifying a product that is hard to find, doesn't work well, or can't live up to the hype won't be an issue with ZRC zinc coating. Our product does what we say it will, plain and simple. This is why we're chosen by name for projects on a regular basis, even fixing the complicated infrastructure issues being seen in our nation's bridges and railroads.

    People who are in the know call out ZRC by name. Our brand name is specified more than all the other products combined, and it's time you learn why. To make it straightforward for you to find the right ZRC cold galvanizing compound, we have a Product Finder on our website. Simply enter a few details, like the type of surface and any application environmental factors, and our software will automatically connect you with the right ZRC product to meet your project's exact needs.

    That's not to say you can't be helped in a more personalized manner. If you have any additional questions or want to speak to someone about what to put in your spec sheet, we're always here to talk to you. In fact, that's one of the reasons ZRC is a sought-after name brand across the globe. Get in touch with our team today!

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