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    June 14, 2023

    How to Choose the Right ZRC Zinc Coating to Prevent Corrosion

    Corrosion spells death for metal objects. From a bridge to a boat to a cell phone tower, the day a structure is finished being constructed is the day it also begins to rust. It's unavoidable without the proper maintenance steps being taken to   avoid rust prevention.

    That doesn't mean you should sit idly by and watch your structure fall prey to the outdoor elements. If you choose wisely, you'll be able to locate and use the ideal zinc coating to prevent corrosion. While hot-dipped galvanizing must be done in an off-site manufacturing plant prior to a structure being built, there is a way to provide the same protection without dismantling your metal structure — cold galvanizing compound.

    Find the Right Zinc Coating to Prevent Corrosion

    ZRC has the products you've been looking for to solve your corrosion problem. Our unique formula provides a self-healing galvanic film that is impossible for others to match. "Ultra pure" Zinc dust (ASTM D520 Type III) is integrated with our trade-secret organic binder. This binder allows the zinc particles to remain in contact with each other so that the ZRC is anodic to the base metal, thereby imparting true galvanic action.

    Our products are internationally trusted as high-quality solutions to corrosion protection, and this isn't by chance. The ZRC difference is made possible by the high zinc content (95% by weight in the dried film) in our ultra-pure zinc dust and proprietary, non-encapsulating binder. Our ZRC and Galvilite are superior to anything else on the market — it's as simple as that.

    Our Product Offerings

    As great as all of this is, you still have one more thing to decide. Which ZRC product is the right one for your task ahead? We have four unique zinc coating offerings, each boasting its own characteristics, benefits, and best case uses. By breaking each option down further, it will be easier for you to decide which is the right product for your future job:

    ZRC® Cold Galvanizing Compound

    This is the original cold galvanizing compound that revolutionized the industry. It is equivalent in function yet superior in convenience to hot-dip galvanizing. A few key characteristics you'll want to know about ZRC's Cold Galvanizing Compound include:

    • It is manufactured with the highest purity ASTM D520 Type III zinc dust.
    • It meets VOC standards in all 50 states.
    • It passes 10-year subtropical exposure testing.
    • It exceeds ASTM A780 standards for hot-dip galvanic repair.

    It is offered in our "Battleship Grey" color. With flexible application formats, brush, roller, aerosol, and spray gun, our product is the industry standard in combating corrosion for true galvanic protection. A few recommended uses include:

    • Hot-Dip Galvanizing Repair & Regalvanizing
    • Weldments Repair
    • Inorganic Zinc Coatings Repair
    • Brush, Roller, Aerosol, and Spray Applications

    ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair

    This product is designed specifically for field and shop repair of hot-dip galvanizing. ZRC Galvilite® exceeds galvanizing repair specifications like ASTM Des. A 780, SSPC-Paint 20, and DOD-P-21035A. The dried film of Galvilite is 95% metallic zinc. Because of the uniqueness of the formulation, Galvilite and ZRC are the only coatings of their type to be recognized under the Component Program of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc to offer the same corrosion protection as hot-dipped galvanizing.

    Unlike hot-dip galvanizing, Galvilite is portable, flexible protection that can be applied in a variety of formats. It’s meant to be applied to properly prepared carbon steel, cast iron, hot-dip galvanized, and aluminum surfaces. This paint is silver, matching the appearance of a new hot- dip galvanizing compound. We recommend Galvilite be used for:

    • Long-Term Protection for Steel
    • Galvalume® and Zinc Metallizing
    • Hot-Dip Galvanizing Repair & Regalvanizing
    • Weldments Repair
    • Inorganic Zinc Coatings Repair

    ZRC® 221 Cold Galvanizing Compound

    We're not one to rest on our laurels; we're always innovating! The newest innovation in zinc coating technology is ZRC® 221 Cold Galvanizing Compound. It offers the same superior performance with 40% lower levels of volatile organic compounds, making it a more environmentally friendly protection option.

    ZRC® Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound

    Last on our list is ZRC® Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound. Combining the best features of organic and inorganic zinc coatings, ZRC® Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound is water-based and environmentally friendly. This makes it radically different from other products of its kind without sacrificing the quality protection guarantee we've become famous for.

    This product solves the problems inherent in traditional inorganic zinc coatings, like near-white sandblasting, difficult spraying, and short pot life. We’ve resolved these issues by creating a unique hybrid formula featuring the best features of organic and traditional inorganic zinc coatings. ZRC Zero VOC offers the same true cathodic protection as our original ZRC, without volatile organic content, solvents, or solvent fumes.

    Something we're especially proud of is the innovation of the Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound. No matter what future regulations may come up down the road, ZRC is always going to be ahead of the curve. This is because we consistently look for new ways to produce products that are going to be effective in the long-term. It's no surprise that ZRC Zero VOC is a favorite of architects and structural engineers for environmentally sustainable LEED construction projects.

    Our Product Finder Makes Discovering Your Right Paint Easy

    To make it straightforward for you to find the right ZRC cold galvanizing compound, we have a Product Finder on our website. It's incredibly simple to use. You enter a few details, like the type of surface and any application environmental factors. Our software will automatically connect you with the right ZRC zinc coating to meet your needs. We encourage you to explore our unique products and their uses. From our original offerings to environmentally friendly innovations, we’ve got you — and your projects — covered!

    Reach out to Our Team of Zinc Coating Experts

    ZRC products are extensively used as an alternative to hot-dip galvanizing for effective rust prevention. However, our superiority extends beyond being a mere online catalog. With our team of industry experts, we are dedicated to assisting you in finding all your requirements and instilling complete confidence in the product you ultimately choose.

    When looking for zinc coating to prevent corrosion, the choice is clear — ZRC. It doesn’t matter if your metal structure is a fence or a commercial fishing boat, your solution is the same. Call our Customer Service Department 1-800-831-3275 or contact us directly through our website. Our experts are ready to support on a variety of topics, including technical questions, ordering the right product, product fit, and more. 

    Shop our website for the product you need, or reach out to us to ask any additional questions you may have. Order it now and we’ll ship the following business day!

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