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    November 17, 2022

    Why Regular Maintenance with a ZRC Galvanizing Compound is the Key to Long-Lasting Commercial Marine Applications

    While the beach and ocean are beautiful, weather near the sea is more humid than other environments. The winds that move inland from deep at sea are full of moisture, which not only make the weather more humid, but more corrosive as well!

    The salty sea air accelerates the natural rusting process and quickly corrodes the metal on boats, docks, and other marine structures. This is why you'll often see railings and fences rust more quickly near the ocean than you would several miles inland. This is also why those with a financial stake in commercial marine environments should take finding a corrosion solution seriously.


    Corrosion in Marine Environments

    When metals, especially steel, aren’t treated properly, they rust. A piece of steel will rust (oxidize) when exposed to moisture. Boats are around a lot of moisture, whether they’re in the water or sitting next to it. Even if they’re not kept in the water, the salty sea air is the perfect breeding ground for rust. 

    Commercial propellers and other metals on your boats cost thousands of dollars, and can begin to rust away in a matter of months. A zinc rich galvanizing compound is the solution you need to protect your investment. 

    This is because a lesser noble metal will corrode to the more noble. Zinc-rich compounds can be applied by spray or by brush (like a paint) to steel. Zinc, being less noble than steel, forms hydroxycarbonate salt when it corrodes that bond with the existing zinc in the film coating while upholding galvanic protection. This creates an advanced, self-healing film that ensures the metal surface beneath the coating stays protected. The process works in three steps, which you can see broken down in more detail in our blog, Zinc In Action: How Zinc-Rich Compounds Prevent Corrosion

    The ZRC Galvanic Corrosion Prevention Solution

    From the boats themselves to the trailer you use to put it into the water, there are quite a few expensive investments needed in a commercial marine environment. Maintaining your running gear alone is extremely expensive. ZRC offers zinc rich galvanizing compounds as the ideal on-site solution for corrosion protection, but there’s more. 

    In marine environments, it also protects your investments from microorganism growth and destruction from the salty, humid air. Keep in mind that microorganism growth on the boat slows down your vessel and reduces fuel economy. With diesel gas prices as high as they are, this isn’t something to brush aside. Many of our customers even realize lower insurance costs, thanks to the improved condition of dock equipment. 

    An annual spray of ZRC cold galvanizing compounds, including Galvilite®, keeps barnacles, algae, and other underwater microorganisms at bay. This application provides excellent protection for bare metals including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. This is because it forms an excellent bond to underwater metals and running gear, inhibiting corrosion on these surfaces. The result is less time pressure washing and scraping, as well as increased performance and better fuel economy. In fact, in a real-life application – an application of ZRC cold galvanizing compound was protecting marine steel from the harsh South Florida sun after ten years! Be sure to ask us to see our data that backs this up.

    ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair Marine Use Cases

    For marine applications specifically, we encourage you to learn more about ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair. It can be used as anti-growth (fouling) agent on any underwater metals on your boats, including the running gear, propeller shafts, propeller, rudder, and trim tabs. Galvilite® is proven to be effective long-term protection for:

    #1 Antifouling for Underwater Metals

    #2 Galvanized Trailer Repair

    #3 Commercial Fishing Gear

    #4 Other Marina Structures

    Unlike hot-dip galvanizing, Galvilite is portable, flexible protection that can be applied in a variety of formats. It is designed specifically for field and shop repair of hot-dip galvanization, including marine use cases. Because Galvilite® is an aerosol product, you can spray it on round and oddly-shaped parts, as are commonly found on boats. The ability to get it into the curves and the cracks means it can be applied directly onto the boat. Metal pieces don’t need to be removed in order to add protection.

    ZRC products can be used above or below the waterline. It’s important to point out that ZRC galvanic corrosion prevention solutions are cheaper and just as effective as costly marine-only applications This is why many savvy commercial marine industry experts choose Galvilite® as a cost-effective alternative. In fact, our brand name is specified in work orders more than all the other products combined.

    “ZRC has kept my floats in original condition…using ZRC is a no brainer. Only ZRC has what it takes to hold up to salt water year after year.” 

    -Phil Donohue, Waveland Marina

    Galvilite® Application Tips

    Galvilite® should be reapplied once a year. Apply a new layer of Galvilite® as part of your annual maintenance. Simply power wash the area, wipe it down with a solvent, and use a wire brush to remove excess microorganism growth or spots beginning to rust, then recoat it. One coat is enough if it’s done annually. You won’t believe the difference this makes!

    We encourage you to download our ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair marine use cases sales sheet to learn more about where and how this zinc rich galvanizing compound can be applied. With any questions, reach out to our friendly staff of experts. You can also order any of your needed galvanizing compounds online, directly through our website. Order now and we’ll ship within 24 hours!

    Download Marine Repair Use Cases Brochure

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