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    January 9, 2023

    Cold Galvanizing Spray vs Cold Galvanizing Paint: Discover Which is Right For Your Application Needs

    If left untouched, metal will eventually corrode. Even metal that was initially treated must be maintained in order to keep it rust free. ZRC Worldwide created zinc coating technology as a hot-dip alternative to combat corrosion, allowing us to be a worldwide leader in the industry for 70 years. Whether touching up an existing project or completing a full-sized job from scratch, you can get the right product from our online store.

    We have a number of different products, each specifically designed for certain use cases. Our blog, Choosing the Right ZRC Zinc Coating to Prevent Corrosion, includes everything you need to know in order to select the right ZRC product. Beyond selecting the exact ZRC product, some also have the option of whether you want it to be a brush-on or spray-on product. Which ZRC product is the right one for your task ahead? What’s the difference? Is one better than the other? What is the correct application method for your needs? Let’s answer all of these questions right now!

    Spray-On Cold Galvanizing Aerosol Spray

    Our cold galvanizing compounds can be administered in aerosol form, or by use of a compressor or airless spray techniques. They offer the same superior performance you would find in the brush-on type. We can promise this because we add propellants and other ingredients so it sprays easily and evenly out of an aerosol can. Additionally, our aerosol application method is low in VOC and yields a consistent dry film thickness not found in low cost solutions. This does not change the performance of the product.

    This application option is sought after for a number of different reasons. Let’s say you need to climb a ladder to apply the product. Would you rather bring a 5-gallon bucket of paint or a 12-oz spray can? Putting a spray can in your tool belt is clearly the easier mode of application. This is just one of the reasons people choose cold galvanizing spray.

    On top of that, aerosol is the best product for your project if you're simply touching up an existing corrosion protection solution. Much like a can of spray paint, you can shake up your can of cold galvanized compound and apply it directly to any blemished areas of coating. Aerosol will also work well for new projects that focus on preventing corrosion on smaller surface areas. We also recommend the aerosol spray for marine application, as it is easier to get the product in and on all of the oddly-shaped parts of a boat. Visit our store to buy now

    Brush-On Cold Galvanizing Paint

    Our cold galvanizing paint was the original ZRC product, and is still the industry standard. It is equivalent in function yet superior in convenience to hot-dip galvanizing. Brush-on applications will create a better interface between the product and the protected surface than a spray-on application will. To understand why, it’s important to learn a little more about zinc. Essentially, brushing smashes the zinc onto the surface and creates better contact between the zinc and the metal structure.

    Our experts recommend the brush-on applications when you’re undergoing a high-volume project, like steel girder I beams. If you have a big job ahead, we recommend liquid paint. This is because you will get more coverage from a gallon of cold galvanizing paint than a spray can.

    Remember, proper protection depends on accurate application. When brushing, be sure to cover the intended surface evenly. You will need to apply two coats in order to replicate the performance of hot-dip galvanizing. Professional coatings applicators actually measure the dried film thickness of the zinc-rich coating to ensure that an adequate film thickness exists.

    Find Your Perfect Cold Galvanizing Product 

    Using a ZRC product ensures you achieve a strong bond between the zinc and the metal that is being protected. Which application is right for you? Once applied and dried, zinc-rich coatings are designed to perform to the same industry standard of corrosion prevention. This is true whether sprayed-on or applied by brush. They perform the same once applied!

    To make it straightforward for you to find the right ZRC cold galvanizing compound, we have a Product Finder on our website. It's incredibly simple to use, just enter a few details, like the type of surface, desired color, and any application environmental factors. Them, our software will automatically connect you with the right ZRC product to meet your needs. It could not be any easier! 

    If you have any additional questions, we’re always here to answer them. We’re passionate about sharing our expertise to help you arrive at the best cold galvanizing compound for your project. Contact us and our experts will lend support on a variety of topics, including ordering support, product fit, and more.

    Download: Guide to Surface Preparation