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    February 8, 2023

    How Being a Dealer of ZRC® Cold Galvanizing Products Brings You More Business

    We could all use a bit more money—especially right now. There’s been plenty of talk over the last half year about whether or not we’re headed for a recession. Inflation is finally heading in the right direction, but the summer of 2022 was a particularly pricey season for everyone in the U.S. In fact, some experts say we began a recession then, while others say we narrowly missed it. Either way, the prices of certain items — including everything from eggs to rent and transportation — are still high.

    So, how can you bring in more customers and increase sales?

    Offer Products That Boost Business

    There’s not much you can do about overhead costs, but you do have control over the products you offer and the profits you stand to make. The more people who walk into your storefront, the more chances you have to make a sale. The question is: how can you bring more potential customers in? 

    This answer is a lot easier than it may seem at first. You simply need to sign up to be a ZRC dealer!

    There’s really no effort on your part; all you need to do is keep it on the shelf for when people walk in the door. Your role is to connect our products with the end user. 

    ZRC dealers make money by purchasing the products from us at a lower cost and then reselling them at a higher price. You get a better price as an extension of our team. We give you 30% off MSRP pricing for your order. The difference between the cost of the product and the selling price is your profit margin. 

    People Need Rust Prevention, and They’ll Come Directly to You

    Preventing rust is big business, especially for those near the ocean of the West Coast, Florida, and Texas. When you're a ZRC dealer, people will come directly to you because they know our products offer the rust prevention solutions they need. In any given year, ZRC is specified more than all the other products combined. When you carry our products in your store, you’re going to have customers walking in the door asking for them. We guarantee it! 

    Dealers can make more money and bring in new customers, without any of the effort that is typically associated with new sales.  The hard work of bringing in new customers is done for you! We focus most of our marketing efforts on architects and structural engineers. 

    We make a conscious effort to educate them on the benefits of our products. Because of this, they build their project specs around them. This means that the contractors assigned to do the job see that they must use ZRC products. Contractors don’t want to do change orders and they cannot simply replace a ZRC product with something else if it is in the specs.

    We’ll Help Drive Traffic to You!

    There’s no sales pitch, marketing, or presentation involved for you as the dealer at all. In fact, you don’t even need to let people know you’re a ZRC dealer if you don’t have the budget for marketing. We’ll handle that too! 

    Those who are “in the know” know that ZRC can’t be beaten for rust prevention and they’re searching for a storefront to purchase our products in. They use our website to find who the ZRC distributors are in their area. That means you have the chance right now to be the go-to resource for ZRC products in your local community. 

    This only helps sales increase across the board for your business! Consistently offering high-quality products to your community builds consumer confidence and leads to bigger purchases. Once they buy cold-galvanizing compound paint from you, they often buy everything else from you too. It brings them in the door, and you build a relationship from there. 

    As a ZRC dealer, you can feel confident that you’re selling a product that you can proudly stand behind. In doing so, you are able to build trust and credibility with your end customers – ultimately leading to a nice boost in sales and revenue. 

    Contact ZRC to Learn More

    As you become a regular and reliable ZRC distributor, we will happily give you referrals and leads. This is especially applicable if you are in an area without much representation, like the West Coast. 

    ZRC dealers get to sell products they can proudly stand behind. If you’re ready to be included in this group, we want to talk to you! Contact our team, and let’s learn a little more about one another. Very soon, when people search for a ZRC dealer nearest to them to meet their project requirements, they’ll see your contact information and come to you – already ready to buy!

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