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    Case Study: Galvanized Metal Roof

    ZRC On Top for Protection

    Tourists flock to Florida's Gulf Coast for the warm breezes and sunshine. But the same balmy conditions that attract fun seekers cause serious rust problems on any exposed metal. Humid, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico is a killer when it comes to corrosion.

    Metal Roof Means Rust

    No one knows the challenge posed by corrosion more than Armstrong Hunt, Inc., of Milton, Florida. The company manufactures heavy duty heating and cooling coils for industrial applications, and is well aware of the devastating effects of the rusting process. But the company's biggest challenge was found not on their production line, but right over their heads. The 30,000 square foot galvanized metal roof on the Armstrong Hunt building simply did not stand up to the rigors of the Florida weather. The galvanizing was failing, and they were losing the battle against rust.

    To Paint or Not to Paint?

    The company debated on how to best resolve their rusting roof dilemma. At first Armstrong Hunt considered painting the roof. But that would have provided minimal protection against corrosion, and required constant upkeep. The decision was made to coat the massive roof with ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound.

    To effectively coat 30,000 square feet of metal was not an easy task. Extra care was taken in surface preparation, wire brushing all rough spots then scrub brush washing the entire area, cleaning only as much surface as would be coated that same day. ZRC was then applied with 9" rollers with 11/4" nap to a thickness of 3-4 mils. All this was accomplished in stifling 90 degree plus heat and humidity.

    One year later, a maintenance inspection revealed the expected performance-with an unexpected bonus. The areas of the roof coated with ZRC showed no signs of rust, even in spots that were scratched down to bare metal.But even more impressive was the unexpected protection provided by ZRC on areas that had not been coated. The extreme heat during application had caused the roof to expand and roof joints to overlap. The metal under the joints was never coated with ZRC Yet ZRC's galvanic protection extended to these uncoated areas! No rust creepage occurred.

    Zinc is the Answer

    ZRC's "secret ingredient' is its 95% zinc content. This results in true galvanic protection against corrosion. The zinc in ZRC forms insoluble corrosion by-products, thus preventing rust from starting or spreading. These by-products fill voids and pores in the zinc primer film and form a barrier to further protect against attacks on the steel underneath. These by-products also inhibit the rusting process by increasing the pH level.

    As shown so clearly on the Armstrong Hunt roof, ZRC protects against rust even if the protected surface is scratched to the bare metal. The zinc forms a layer of insoluble zinc salt over the exposed area, covering the break and providing protection against rust and rust creepage.

    When it comes to protecting your assets-and overhead-take your cue from Armstrong Hunt, Inc. Paint is no answer to the riddle of rust. It takes the galvanic protection of ZRC to truly protect against corrosion.

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