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    Perfect for Reducing Salt Water Corrosion in the Marine Industry

    Our ZRC Cold Galvanizing Products including our Galvilite®, protect above and below the waterline against the effects of rust and corrosion.

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    Your On-Site Solution for Above & Below the Water Line Corrosion Prevention and Anti-Fouling

    Protect your investment and your way of making a living by regularly maintaining your marine structures with ZRC Cold Galvanizing products. 

    The steel of many marine structures rusts over time as they are either near the water or physically dipped in and out of salt water. This immersion of galvanized steel into water over time leads to corrosion, as does simply being next to it in the salty sea air. ZRC is ideal for galvanized steel repair touch-ups like these, as it can be sprayed directly onto your marine structure and offers the equivalent protection as hot-dipped galvanizing.

    There’s more. 

    Our products also protect your investments from microorganism growth and destruction from the humid air. An annual spray of ZRC eliminates barnacles, algae, and other underwater microorganisms. The result is less time pressure washing and scraping, as well as increased performance. 

    Learn More About What ZRC Can Do for the Marine Industry

    ZRC Cold Galvanizing Products – Including Galvilite® – are proven to be effective long-term protection against corrosion.

    Underwater Metals
    Underwater Metals Running gear, propeller shafts, propellers, rudders, and trim tabs
    Trailers Galvanized boat trailers
    Commercial Fishing Gear
    Commercial Fishing Gear Our spray can easily and quickly be applied to commercial outriggers and metal structures on deck, which are in a corrosive, ...
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    Other Marina Structures Boats, lifts, docks, and boat stands

    "My maintenance costs went way down. ZRC indefinitely extended the lifecycle of the floats."


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    "Once again, Z.R.C. is playing a key role in keeping an important project free from rust and corrosion."


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    "ZRC continues to provide protection against rust and rust creepage even if the protected surface is scratched to the bare metal."


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