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    Unmatched Corrosion Protection

    ZRC Worldwide pioneers quality solutions that last. As the original creators of cold galvanizing corrosion protection technology that results in superior zinc coatings, we’ve been the global industry-leader for over 70 years.

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    Trust the Industry’s Pioneers
    ZRC Worldwide has been recognized as the world leader in zinc coating technology for over 70 years. Hot-dip galvanizing costs too much time and money, so we created zinc rich cold galvanizing compounds as an accessible alternative to hot-dip with a long lifespan and enduring quality.
    Time-Tested Durability ZRC cold galvanizing compounds are a self-healing zinc film solution that is impossible for other paints to match.
    International Standard-Bearer Our cold galvanizing compound adheres to the top standards. ZRC products meet the ISO 9001 standards for the design and manufacture of corrosion-resistant coatings.
    Flexible Application Formats Whether touching up an existing project or completing a full-sized job from scratch, our team will ensure you get the right product and the correct application method for your needs.
    Worldwide Distribution Network Our worldwide distribution network allows for unparalleled access.

    How It Works

    What is a cold galvanizing compound? A cold galvanizing compound is a product that simulates — and rivals — the performance of hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanization must occur in a manufacturing plant whereas cold galvanizing compounds can be applied anywhere out of a can like a paint solution or other easy formats.

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    Our Products, Created With Generations of Experience

    Explore our ZRC products and their uses. From our original offerings to environmentally-friendly innovations, we’ve got you — and your projects — covered.

    The Original ZRC® Cold Galvanizing Compound Proven protection equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing. 95% zinc by weight in dried film, the original ZRC® Cold Galvanizing ... Learn More
    Newest Innovation, Environmentally Friendly ZRC® 221 Cold Galvanizing Compound A new step in zinc-rich technology, ZRC® 221 Cold Galvanizing Compound is a more environmentally friendly option with the ... Learn More
    Water-Based, Environmentally Friendly ZRC® Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound With the best features of organic and inorganic zinc coatings, ZRC® Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound is water-based and ... Learn More
    Hot-Dip Galvanization Repair ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair Designed for field and shop repair of hot-dip galvanization, ZRC Galvilite® exceeds galvanizing repair specifications with ... Learn More
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    Who is ZRC Worldwide?

    Our team of specialized experts is a family that takes pride in delivering unrivaled solutions to our customers. As the creators of cold galvanizing corrosion protection technology, we have maintained our position as a worldwide industry leader for over 70 years. ZRC Worldwide adheres to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 standards for the design and manufacturing of corrosion-resistant coatings.

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    Imitation is flattering, but the proof is in the paint. ZRC Worldwide created zinc coating technology to combat corrosion and has been a worldwide leader in the space for 70 years.

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